Refurbished MPM Screen Printers

Refurbished MPM Screen Printers

Offering complete 90-day warranties on all Refurbished MPM Screen Printers

Cardinal Circuit is currently offering complete, bumper to bumper, 90 day warranties on all refurbished Speedline MPM Screen printers.

All refurbished printers are fully tested and calibrated prior to shipment.  Guaranteed to be plug and play upon arrival to your facility.  Cardinal Circuit adheres to strict testing procedures to ensure system performance and repeatability.  Refurbishment packages include but not limited too….

  • Full diagnostic checks of all axes
  • Voltage checks at driver level and throughout the system
  • All parts are tested and verified for functionality
  • Complete C-tool vision calibrations
  • Replacement of worn belts and parts where needed
  • All printers put through a burn in test of a 3-4 hour period
  • All panels are then stripped, degreased, cleaned, and professionally repainted

For more detailed information on our refurbishment process, please visit the Screen Printers section of our website or directly view a .pdf of our MPM Refurbishment Package Quality Checklist

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us directly at 614-327-2601.

Thank you.

The Staff at Cardinal Circuit