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Vitronics XPM 820 Reflow Oven

Vitronics Soltec Reflow Oven Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:    Vitronics Soltec
Model:   XPM 820
D.O.M.:   2005
Reference No.:   G16


  • Combo conveyor
  • Auto oilers

Located at customer site in PA

Contact Greg Lefebvre at 443-255-8466 or greg@cardinalcircuit.com for additional information or inquiries.

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Heller 1700SX Reflow Oven

Heller 1700 SX Reflow Oven Features & Benefits

Manufacturer:   Heller Industries
Model:   1700SX
D.O.M.:   1997
Reference No.:   162


  • 6 convection heating zones
  • Top and bottom forced convection
  • 1 cooling zone
  • Combination edge rail and mesh belt conveyor
  • Computer controlled

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